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We try our best, as mothers, to raise our children the best way we know how to.

And because we all realize that there is not just one correct way of successfully raising a child, here’s a list of some of the most essential and effective tips to do so:

  • Let’s show each one of our kids our endless love through kisses, hugs, encouraging words and continuous presence.
  • Let’s tell them how proud we are of every accomplishment they make and explain to them why they made us so happy for it.
  • Getting to know the hidden talents of our little ones is also important so we can motivate them to further develop whatever their best skill is. But let’s beware of discriminating or comparing one child to his sibling or other children so as not to make them feel mundane.
  • Let’s set some rules and explain the consequences of breaking them, while making sure that these rules are reasonable and fair. Otherwise, we will only be planting fear in our kids’ hearts.
  • Quality time is not to be missed, whether on good days or bad ones! Our children draw strength from our presence to feel more self-confident and secure.
  • Let’s communicate with them regularly throughout the day (after school, during dinner and before sleeping for example) and listen to their news so we can understand their problems and help solve them.
  • Let’s teach them social skills by encouraging them to communicate with their colleagues at school and to accept the behaviors of others around them no matter how different they may be.
  • Let’s help them differentiate right from wrong and encourage them to make their own decisions instead of counting on us to do it for them.
  • We lead by example! That’s why we have to be role models for good behavior, mutual respect, love, compassion and cooperation while dealing with them, our spouses and others.

Final Word!

Successful parenting requires that both parents agree on everything that has to do with raising the child. We need to coordinate and cooperate together to teach our children the same values and make them fond of the habits that are meant to make them well-mannered, happy and loved people in the long run.


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