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Tips to motivate our children to study

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Many of us mothers, have to deal with children who always complain about having to study and do homework.

But what can we do to deal with this situation?!

Below are some effective tips and strategies to help motivate our little ones to study and love learning!

  • Let’s make sure to always be involved in our children’s learning. We can do so by asking them about what they learned in class and trying to get them interested in the subject using different ways. For example, if they are learning about a certain era in history, we can look for a relevant movie or documentary they can watch and enjoy.
  • Let’s explain to our kids the importance of learning and give them examples of people around them who gained great benefits from their education.
  • Let’s deal with our children’s homework in a positive manner, while emphasizing and praising their strength points in each subject. This will make our little ones feel comfortable and thus, they will not hesitate to come to us if they need any help studying.
  • Instead of focusing on the grades, let’s focus on the efforts that our kids make in studying and developing their academic performance, and congratulate them for it!
  • Let’s squeeze some fun into our children’s lessons by using educational electronic or traditional games. Such games are known for their effectiveness in motivating kids to learn and develop their non-cognitive skills.
  • Let’s take our children on a weekly trip to the library and help them choose the right books that spark their interest and excitement.
  • Let’s encourage our kids to exercise as physical activity has proven to be effective in improving the brain functions and releasing any excess energy that might stand in the way of our children’s desire to learn.

Final Tip!

While putting the above tips into use, let’s remember to have patience and not lose our tempers if it takes longer than expected to achieve the desired results from our children. And if faced with any difficulty applying these tips, let’s consult with our kids’ teachers and take their professional advice on the matter.


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