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How to Hide Vegetables in Foods Kids Love

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Trying to convince a fussy child to eat more vegetables may be causing you to want to tear your hair out. You know they need to eat more of them, but for some reason, they are just not complying! Never fear, we have five sneaky ways for you to hide vegetables in the food that kids love, while still keeping your hair intact.

1. Hide And Seek

Hiding vegetables in your little ones’ favourite meals is extremely easy. So much so that you can even hide them in plain sight. Consider adding slices of tomato to the top of a baked macaroni cheese or thinly slice veggies and add them to a pizza with a thick layer of cheese to cover them.

2. Shred Them Up

Vegetables such as carrots and onions don’t have overpowering flavours allowing you to include them in dishes without your children tasting them. Shredded carrot or finely chopped onions can be mixed in to mince and incorporated into Spaghetti Bolognaise.

3. Just Add Juice

If your picky child doesn’t want to eat her veggies why not get her to drink them up? If you have a juicer you can create delicious smoothies filled with their daily vegetable quota and your kids will be none the wiser. Mixing spinach with oranges and bananas or carrots with oranges can create a tasty after school drink.

4. Cater To Their Sweet Tooth

Most children love sweets and cake. Up your child’s vegetable intake by baking with vegetables and creating sweet treats like carrot cake or pumpkin fritters rolled in cinnamon. The kids will think they’re devouring dessert and you’ll have a chance to try your hand at creating a proper red velvet cupcake, which was originally made with beetroot!

5. Mix It Up

Mixing veggies into dishes and disguising them as other food sources with similar flavours works wonders with fussy eaters. finely chopped spinach in a cheese sauce over pasta can easily be mistaken for a herb condiment. You can also mix peas, carrots and corn into rice, which makes a really easy meal if a protein is added. What tips and tricks do you have to get your children to eat more vegetables?

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