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How to Deal With Sibling Rivalry


Maya Fleifel Sidani

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We tend to think of sibling rivalry as a temporary phase quite limited to early childhood, only to later discover that it often lingers for long. Don’t all children quarrel and even fight occasionally? So, what can we do about it?

In order to answer this question, it was necessary to obtain information from the day-to-day life of mothers like us and expert opinion in child development psychology - Here’s what we learn!

No to intervening: Parental involvement in sibling conflicts can lead to more problems. So, we’d better let our children resolve their issues on their own. This way, we can help them improve their conflict resolution skills and avoid being accused of showing favouritism to one side over another, which may promote more jealousy and rivalry.

Yes to alternatives: If our children adopt an unpleasant tone or show aggressive behaviour towards one another, we should be there to teach them how to express their feelings in a healthy and positive manner. Honest and harmless words can be a great alternative for relieving the tension and easing the dispute without our direct intervention.

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