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10 Ideas for a School Breakfast that your children will love

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Studies and researches have proven the importance of a healthy breakfast in stimulating children’s growth and improving their academic performance with the start of each brand new day.

That being said, let’s learn some easy-to-make and delicious breakfast recipes that we can prepare for our little ones with healthy and balanced ingredients!

  • Thin slices of bread with raisins and a little Ricotta or cottage cheese, with a cup of milk.
  • A cup of milk with slices of fresh fruits and a piece of whole-wheat bread.
  • A warm cup of milk with low-sugar breakfast cereals that are rich in dietary fibers
  • A Halloumi or Akkawi sandwich in Arabic whole wheat bread, alongside tomatoes and cucumbers with a cup of milk.
  • A cup of milk with 2 slices of whole-wheat toast topped with some jam or Labne or any kind of low-fat soft cheese.
  • A berry milkshake or any other kind of fruit that a child loves, with a little bit of honey.
  • An egg with milk omelet to which we can add the kinds of vegetables that our little ones prefer, such as tomatoes, onions, asparagus, and parsley.
  • Slices of toast with peanut butter and banana with a cup of milk.
  • Hot oatmeal and milk porridge with a handful of berries and walnuts or any other kind of fruits and nuts that a child will like.
  • A home-made muffin from whole wheat, with a little grated cheese and a cup of milk.

This was just a small list of some healthy school breakfast ideas for children. We hope you enjoy preparing them and that your kids find them yummy!


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