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Why Stubbornness in a Child Can Actually Be a Good Thing!

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How often do we, mothers, complain of our children’s stubbornness that knows no limits and drags us daily, into endless quarrels and fights with them just to get them to do one simple task?!

But what if it turns out that this day-to-day reality, despite how difficult it may be, is a positive affirmation that our kids will succeed in their lives and excel in their academic performance? Would we believe that?

Science declares: Stubbornness in childhood is a recipe for success in adulthood!

According to one American study that tracked the lives of 745 students from elementary school into adulthood, this declaration is true.

The study came to this surprising finding after evaluating the personal non-cognitive traits (such as academic awareness, merit and confrontation) of the child participants aged between 8 and 12 years old, and making sure to follow up on the status of these participants after 40 years.

What the study concluded is that rebellion against rules and regulations and disobedience of orders are key factors in increasing the possibility of major career and financial success for the child involved, alongside intelligence of course.

Unfortunately, the study does not explain the reason behind this strong bond between disobedience in childhood and success at middle-age.

However, the supervisors over this study assume that the child who has these qualities is competitive and demanding in nature, and his love for challenge is bound to reflect on his academic grades and accomplishments in childhood, and therefore on his salary and career position as an adult.

Our kids are going to be successful!

The results of this study have amazed us! Our kids who make us feel frustrated with their stubbornness, will have success as their ally in the future!

Our mission now is to accept their stubborn nature as it is and continue to refine it by teaching them moral values and the foundations of respectful behaviour


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