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Tips to deal with children who refuse to go to school

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Often times, we as mothers, rejoice from the fact that our children are going back to school. But that joy soon fades away as we are suddenly faced with our little ones complaining and refusing to attend.

So how do we deal with such a dilemma?! Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Let’s check if the child is suffering from a health issue that is keeping him from wanting to go to school. A visit to the doctor can help clear things out.
  • Let’s talk to the child and try to figure out why it is that he doesn’t feel like going to school. And if the problem is that he’s having trouble with a friend or a difficult subject, then we need to reassure him that we are here to help.
  • Let’s avoid preaching and getting into long quarrels with our children so as not to be faced with counter results and make the situation even worse.
  • Let’s meet up with our children’s teachers at school in an effort to show our desire to find a solution for this problem.
  • If the child decides to fake an illness to avoid school, let’s show him that staying at home will not be as fun as he thinks it will be. On the contrary, let’s explain how he will need to stay in bed and not watch TV or play video games. The situation might even require to take him to the doctor!
  • In case the child actually manages to skip school after faking his sickness, let’s get him to read or study instead of sleeping all day.

Finally, let’s remind our kids of the great times they spent at school so that it becomes a motivation for them to want to attend again. Also, let’s be patient and calm, and try not to surrender to our children’s demands every time they pout their faces.


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