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Tips to Help an Autistic Child Develop Social Skills

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Parents of autistic children usually have to put double the effort into helping their little ones acquire the necessary social skills they need in their daily lives.

And as much as this task may seem difficult, there are some effective ways to help achieve this goal. These include:

  • Help your child make colored masks which he could wear on his face to enhance his ability to communicate.
  • Sing along with your child songs that will help him recognize the different kinds of feelings and emotions.
  • Playing games which require role-switching such as board games, as this encourages him to understand the concept of taking turns.
  • Engaging with the child in educational games while making sure that he doesn’t always win. It is very important that he learns the concept of “losing” in a game, so that he can be ready to adapt to this situation when he’s with other kids.
  • Practicing with the child social scenarios he might encounter at a party, or in a park or any place where he doesn’t know anyone. This will teach him how to join a group of kids and play with them, as well as how to introduce himself and properly negotiate with other children of his age.
  • Using video clips to teach the child important social values and introduce him to the different emotions he might feel so he can be able to deal with them. Also, let’s make sure that we draw his attention to the body language, facial expressions and tones of voice in each scene.

In Summary:

Let’s do our best to help the autistic child develop his skills in playing, communicating and talking, in addition to his emotional skills that allow him to manage his feelings and understand those of others. Moreover, we need to work on enhancing the little ones’ abilities to find solutions to problems and make the right decisions in certain social situations as all of these aid in developing their social skills and interactions.

So what do you think of these tips and is there anything you would like to add? Let’s share our thoughts in the comment box below!


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