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How do we get our children to study on their own?

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Academic independence is a very important skill that children need to develop in order for them to have more confidence in themselves and their abilities.

So, we as mothers, often ask how we can get our kids to depend on themselves while studying, without completely leaving ourselves out of the picture!

Let’s get to know some effective steps to do so below.

  • Let’s show our kids that we have trust in them and their abilities, and encourage them to believe in themselves too. And instead of constantly criticizing them, let’s give them the chance to overcome the challenges on their own without completely abandoning them. It is important that they know that we are always there for them and ready to help.
  • Let’s involve our children in the process of choosing what they like and don’t like and what they are in need of, so that if they ever need help in preparing for an exam, they will not be afraid of asking for it.
  • Let’s praise their efforts! A “well done” can do magic with kids, especially if it’s accompanied by a round of applause and a warm hug when they show improvements in certain aspects.
  • If our kids are used to having us around while they do their homework, let’s try to decrease our presence gradually through initiating the studying process with them and then leaving them to finish on their own.
  • Let’s help our children focus on their homework by negotiating with them the time frame they need to finish each assignment. This simple step motivates kids to do their best to meet our expectations as mothers.
  • Let’s make sure to spend quality time with our little ones after they finish studying, so that it would be a sort of beautiful reward for their efforts and great sense of responsibility.

Let’s do our best to help our children feel responsible and act independently, not only on the academic level, but on all different ones as well. Let us try this with our little ones starting from a young age, by assigning them with simple house chores such as doing their beds and putting away their clothes.


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