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Are we to blame for our children's weak personality?

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As mothers, we like our children to have strong personalities so that they may be able to face challenges, overcome obstacles, cope with difficulties and never surrender to failure

Raising such a strong and self-confident child requires us to teach our kids how to replace negative thoughts with more realistic ones. We need to help them develop the ability to control their emotions and guide them to take positive initiatives.

But most importantly, we need to recognize the reasons behind the child's weak personality and these include:

  • Parents subjecting the child to punishment and physical violence.
  • The child facing a verbal form of violence within the family, and that includes being threatened, blamed, criticized, ignored or yelled at.
  • The family structure and relationship problems between family members.
  • Constant comparison of the child to his siblings or friends, whether that is done for reprimand or advice and guidance.
  • The parents’ overprotectiveness of their child and interference in all aspects of his life, no matter how simple it may be.
  • Spoiling the child too much and not allowing him to experience the feeling of responsibility.
  • The child’s fear of his parents who always oppress him and don’t give him the chance to express his opinions.
  • The child’s lack of mingling with other children of his age.
  • The unrealistic expectations that parents have for their children and their repercussions which form a great burden for the child and promote his fear of failure and low self-confidence.
  • The parents’ failure to adequately support and encourage the child to develop his talents and skills or improve his behavior.
  • The influence of the parents’ repeated talks about their personal failures and feelings of negativity and frustration.

Now that we’ve gotten to know the most common causes of weak personality in children, it’s time that we reconsider our lifestyle and way of dealing with our kids if it does not fall into their best interests.


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