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10 Signs of Healthy Growth in Kids


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Learning to see the signs of positive child development

It can be hard sometimes to tell if you and your child are on the right track, development-wise. Learning to see the signs of healthy kids who are growing and learning optimally will provide you with the knowledge to act when there is any irregularity. Being able to tell when your child is progressing healthily also provides a sense of achievement and of being more in control as a parent.

Seeing the following ten signs of healthy growth in your child will assure you that she is progressing and developing healthily.

  • Physical growth– Your child’s weight should be normal for her age and height, and if it is a desirable ratio you will know that your child is on a healthy track and is getting enough nutrients. If your child is worryingly under or over expected weight, consult your pediatrician.
  • Alert and lively – If your child is alert this is an indication that nutrition is optimal and that nutrients are being absorbed properly.
  • Active– Desiring play and being active for at least a quarter of an hour multiple times during the day indicates good health. Because exercise depletes vital fluids, encourage older children to drink plenty of water.
  • A secure learner – If your child learns quickly, it shows that he or she is getting enough nutrients for brain development.
  • Healthy appetite– Healthy kids are willing to eat multiple food groups, but kids are often distracted by the bright and colourful things and animated faces around them. While young kids might be erratic in the amount they eat (especially toddlers), this is usually passing.
  • Strong, clean teeth – Teeth that are solid and clean reveal that your child’s nutrition and natural dental hygiene are fine.
  • Correct posture– Correct posture suggests self-esteem as well as a sufficient diet, as it means there are enough nutrients to strengthen bones and the musculoskeletal system.
  • Robust muscles and bones– If your child is strong and is seldom injured by tumbles, this suggests that child development is progressing smoothly.
  • Uninterrupted sleep– If your child is strong and is seldom injured by tumbles, this suggests that child development is progressing smoothly.
  • Frequent bowel movements– You know your child is getting enough fibre when she or he produces bowel movements regularly. It also suggests a healthy immune system.

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