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First Day in Elementary School: What to Expect

Sending your little one off to school for the first time is hard. It’s supposed to be hard. All of the parenting tips your read will not prepare you for this day. It signifies that your child is growing up and is becoming a little less dependent on their mom. On the bright side, they are starting a whole new chapter in their life that will fulfill them in new ways.

All of the excitement of the new journey doesn’t make walking away from the classroom door any easier. In fact, those first few steps may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Just try your best to hold in your tears until you are out of your child’s sight. Remember, they will be emotional too and seeing you upset will likely bring out tears. Those little tears may come regardless of how much smiling and excitement you show at drop off. Make sure you pack some tissues in your pockets before heading in so you can wipe away the tears before you leave because no one wipes away tears and eases fears like mommy.

If you have another little one at home, know that the first day of school will be emotional for them as well. They don’t understand why their big brother or sister is leaving and will most certainly feel left out. On the first day, consider planning something special for the two of you after drop off. This will not only help keep your mind off your child at school but ease the transition for your youngest.

Once it is officially time for pick up, expect another emotional moment. If all went well, your child will come bounding out of the classroom filled with stories of their first day, new names of friends and plenty of smiles. But there is a chance that you may be greeted by more tears. School is tough and for some kids, the transition is even harder. Listen to all of your child’s concerns and anxieties, give them plenty of hugs and talk about how you can make the next day better. Emotions will run high on the first day of school. Expect tears. But crossing this major milestone is exciting and one of a kind. Remember, it’s only 7 hours – don’t panic!